The sisters of Alpha Phi welcome you to meet us this year during Formal Recruitment! We are excited to give you a glimpse into what our chapter is all about – scholarship, service, leadership, character development and a genuine sisterhood. Here at Alpha Phi, you will find your home away from home and a remarkable support system of sisters that will be there through your college journey and beyond.


Letter from the Vice President of Membership Recruitment

Dear class of 2023,

Firstly, I would like to welcome you to Mizzou! You are going to make some of your best, life-long memories in these next 4 years.

Formal Recruitment is just weeks away and-- I speak not only for myself but the entire Omicron chapter when I say-- we cannot wait to meet you and share a special glimpse of the sisterhood that means so much to us. 

Formal Recruitment is not only the most anticipated event of the year for our chapter, but also the most exciting! We work hard year-round to make recruitment a special experience for you. Meeting the amazing women around our campus and welcoming a new pledge class makes all the hard work worth it. Being a member of Mizzou Greek Life— and especially a member of Alpha Phi— has allowed me to become a part of something much bigger than myself. The Omicron sisterhood enhances collegiate experience and encourages me to strive towards my fullest potential. Joining Alpha Phi means joining a network of over 200,000 women who share the values of loyalty, leadership, sisterhood, scholarship, service, and character development beyond your time at Mizzou.

I remember my formal recruitment experience just two years ago and being so nervous/excited/anxious all at the same time! I didn’t know what to expect, but from my first step in the doors of Alpha Phi, I felt at home. Since then, it’s truly shaped my college experience. The admiration for the women of Alpha Phi I felt during recruitment week has only grown stronger as a member. I have not only met ambitious and amazing women in the Omicron chapter, but in Alpha Phi chapters from all over. I feel so lucky to be an Alpha Phi and to share this experience with my best friends. The recruitment process is your first step to finding a group of women that encourages you, accepts you, and provides you with unconditional love, like I found in Alpha Phi. As the Vice President of Membership Recruitment, I would like to thank you for your interest in Alpha Phi. All of us are anticipating meeting you in August, and we wish you the very best of luck during recruitment!!

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important dates


Mark your calendar with these important recruitment dates! Additional dates will be added throughout the summer, so be sure to check back often to stay up-to-date on all things recruitment.


Registration for Primary Recruitment 2019

Opens: Wednesday, June 1 at 9am CST

Closes: Friday, July 26 at 12pm CST.

Primary Recruitment

Begins: Saturday August 10, 2019

Concludes: Saturday, August 17, 2019

letters of recommendation


By Mail

Alpha Phi
Attn: Aerin Hanks
906 S. Providence Rd.
Columbia, MO, 65203.

recruitment team

Aerin Hanks- Vice President of Membership Recruitment

Cate Halverson- Director of Membership Marketing

Rachel Carnes- Director of Formal Recruitment

Abby Warren- Director of COB

Kiley Williams- Formal Recruitment Director of Hospitality

Audrie Khoury- Formal Recruitment Creative Director



rush quick tips

Be confident and be yourself!

Alpha Phi is looking for unique, genuine members. We want to see your true personality shine! Recruitment is about finding the place to call home. The week is much easier, and you will feel most at home by being your true self.

Make new friends!

College is such an exciting experience and is different from high school. It is so easy to remain close with your friends from high school, but we encourage you to also make friendships during the recruitment process. Most of these women will be joining the Panhellenic community with you as well!

Remember that you are choosing a house for yourself, not anyone else. When going to each house and talking to the members, look for a place where you feel comfortable. The house you choose will be your home away from home for the next four years!

Keep an open mind!

Take advantage of the Panhellenic Counselors!

These women were hand-selected and are a great representation of Mizzou’s Greek community. They will be your greatest support system during recruitment and will make your Formal Recruitment process both memorable and the best!