our house


Hello and welcome to the 906!  The Alpha Phi house is one of the most beautiful in Greek Town!  Known for it’s brilliant white exterior, the Omicron house has been standing for 97 years.  Though significant renovations have been made, including an update of our bathrooms in 2009 and the complete renovation in our annex 2011, the historic beauty of our house remains intact.  

Our house contains 75 residential rooms including the choice of a 4-person room, 3-person, or 2-person! Each room has study space and desks for each of its inhabitants. Additionally, you will find plenty of lounge space in our beautifully decorated TV room, informal room, third floor lounge, and a designated quiet space in our library.

There is SO much to enjoy about living here.  From nightly sleepovers with your closest friends, to getting ready for formal together, to coordinating with your roommate(s) to personalize your living space, the 906 has endless fun to offer.  

We plan plenty of sister movie nights and love getting to spend time with each other around the house. Not to mention we have our own home cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with expenses way lower than what it costs to live in the dorms.  We even get fun food delivered each night of finals week!

As you can see, we love it here and know you would too!